About Us

We at Sovcombank Insurance have committed ourselves to providing high quality insurance products to help our customers live safer as well as protect their wealth and property. We have an opportunity to offer a comprehensive range of insurance products to private customers and companies.

We aim at being the best insurance partner for our customers. We constantly develop our insurance products and technology in order to save our customers’ time while purchasing policies and during claim settlements. Using Net Promoter Score, a survey which reflects the percentage of customers who recommend Sovcombank Insurance to their friends and relatives, helps us to improve our customer service on a permanent basis.

We are not afraid to be a pioneer in developing new products and using new technology. We were one of the first to launch direct insurance (via phone and web-site) in Russia. Such an approach allows our customers to save time and money while allowing the company to avoid additional costs and third parties’ commissions. We were the first who ran the personal liability insurance program in the Russian market. We also launched B2B cargo insurance online and travel insurance online. We do our best to make technology help our customers in all insurance process steps.

We take responsibility for all things we do and we are happy to share all our advantages with our customers and partners.

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